Well worth the effort...

We head into emotional, spiritual and physical retreat tomorrow - and I don't know whether or not I will want to blog.  We're going to explore a little bit of Quebec and reconnect with one another, the blessings of love and rest and God's love.

That said, tonight's jazz gig was a gas:  my dear musical mates - Andy, Jon, Charlie and Dianne - shared soul food with me in the music we played. I feel renewed - and we'll do again in October at the start of the Pittsfield Jazz Festival.  We go into some of the schools again, too.

At any rate, after packing tonight, I read this essay by Lillian Daniels in The Christian Century and I think she gets it totally right. The read is well worth the effort.  Thanks, Lillian... check it out: http://christiancentury.org/article/2011-08/you-can-t-make


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